The Calm Collection
The Calm Collection

The Calm Collection

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At home spa in a box 


This gift box is everything you need to provide a soothing, spa like experience in the comfort of your home. This collection has the most incredible scents- you will be able to pause from the daily do to list, light your candle, take a hot shower (or long bath) and be present with yourself. We all can deserve a break from the day to day hustle. This collection has it all.
In this curated gift box you will find:
Naked Goat Soap Co Rejuvenating Body oil: This 3.75 ounce glass bottle  of oil is "formulated to include even more cold processed, vitamin rich oils. Created to lock in hydration post shower, our blends are gently scented with clean, phthalate free natural fragrances and essential oil blends. Unlike lotions ( which contain water), our formula absorbs easily and keeps skin silky year round."
Calm Shower Steamer from Thulisa Naturals based in Fairfax, VA): these Lavender-Geranium shower steamers will "transform your shower into an aromatic spa experience with the calming, sweet and floral scents of Lavender and Geranium essential oils. Our calming shower steamers relax body and mind and are perfect for evening showers" 1 box contains 4 shower steamers- each shower steamer tablets lasts approximately 2 showers.
Serenity candle from Cornelia Home (based in Clayton, NC): This 3 ounce glass jar candle is "self-care inspired with scents of white tea, lavender, mandarin and an infusion of essential oils, encompassing a calm aura that reminds you of a luxurious spa experience" All of their candles are hand poured with natural coconut wax, certified clean fragrance and essential oils, and wooden wicks. This combination offers a clean, non-toxic and natural experience for their customers.
Naked Goat Soap Co goat soap bar  (based in Hanover, VA): "created in small batches, our goat milk soap is carefully crafted in our Virginia based studio using the cold-process method which better maintains the skin loving properties of our ultra rich formula. Each slice is hand cut and then cured for no less than eight weeks. Made with pure plant based oils and butters, our formula is an effortless way to elevate daily moments and serves as a reminder that there is indeed beauty in simplicity"
This 2 ounce slice of "Cactus" is a signature Naked Goat blend of prickly pear flower, musk and sandalwood.