Meet our founder

Hey all! I am Kelley the founder and creator of Curated Collections.
Growing up my mom always made any holiday feel so special. Regardless of what she got for us, she always spent time and intention selecting gifts she knew we would love. I grew up with the same passion for making people in my life feel so special and appreciated. As I got older, this joy started to fade and finding gifts was becoming more of a chore. In a world where it is so easy to Amazon prime someone anything under the sun, I wanted to bring back thought and intentionality to gifting while also supporting small businesses.  Nothing makes opening a gift more special than knowing the person really put thought into making this gift perfect for YOU.
So the next time you have that "what do I gift them" thought in your head, know that Curated Collections is here with something for everyone!  I wanted to create a simple yet unique gift box full of quality small business products that anyone in your life will LOVE!


BYE BYE stressful gifting


HELLO one of a kind gifts 


Supporting small businesses is our FAVORITE. We would love for you to check out our Instagram page where you can connect with and support the companies inside your collection!